China Major Cities Setup Accounting Tax Payroll One-stop Services syd2cn

China Major Cities Setup Accounting Tax Payroll One-stop Services syd2cn

Sydney and China colleagues work together to serve you. Besides company setup, supported by cloud accounting and payroll systems, Evershine assumes your local in-house accounting role and provides compliance services on accounting, taxation, payroll, and other relevant regulations. Contribute to relieving global warming through reducing air travel. Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Yongkang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xuchang, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc.

contact by phone during office hours of Australia time zone:
Australia CA Lily Yan, speak in both English and Chinese.
Mobile: +61-457-509-037 office:+61-2-8068-6337
2/172-176 Rowe St Eastwood, NSW 2122, Australia

Evershine Cloud service model mitigating global warming

CPA Dale Chen, the founder of Evershine, once saw a report on the aircraft in 2002 that carbon emissions are the biggest culprit global warming, and the aircraft accounts for about 25% of carbon emissions.
In general, the accounting practices of multinational companies visits overseas subsidiaries once a month for monitoring financial internal control.
If its practice can be changed to once a year (or not necessary at all) to do the control operation, it will reduce the need for flying and it also make contribution to relieve global warming.
Therefore, since 2002, Evershine began to develop and use cloud systems to establish a collaborative (note: not only “cooperative”) work environment, so that colleagues everywhere (including: customers ’ employees  of both parent companies and local subsidiaries, Evershine ‘s service colleagues both in headquarter and local subsidiaries) work on the same cloud platform.
This service model should significantly reduce the requirements of travel by air, and contribute to the mitigation of global warming.
The features of the Evershine service, supported by the cloud platform, have been recognized by customers for about 20 years.
Because of the epidemic in 2020, everyone avoids traveling by air and accelerates the pace of recognition.
In the MNC Executive Circle often say overseas subsidiaries are like “monkeys” because they are difficult to be managed.
Monkeys bouncing around, uncontrollable, and sometimes jump on your shoulders.
Indeed, “monkeys” are used as metaphors for trouble in MBA courses.
Evershine colleagues often claim to be experts in “monkeys” management, because our service is to control “monkeys” , overseas subsidiaries for multinational companies.
Evershine Group has assisted customers to manage about 1,000 monkeys in 42 cities in 14 countries so far in April 2020.

China Temporary Employment Outsourcing–click here

For China Local staff:
Your China local staff can be recruited by Evershine affiliated companies in almost major cities of China.
If you don’t have any entity in China, you pay salary with expenses reimbursement from overseas parent company to your local China individual employees, who will be bear risk without paying individual income tax to tax bureau. Unless your local China individual employees have  setup their own company,  then you pay to the company, that will be no problem.
If your company still doesn’t want to set up a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) in China due to some reasons, but you will recruit employees temporarily or by project base, we suggest you adopt this China Temporary Employment Outsourcing.
It means Evershine will recruit your China local staff on behalf of your company.
And then we will take care of all kinds of relevant local services including of payroll compliance and expenditure process.
Besides, Evershine will fully comply with China law and regulations on individual Tax, Statuary Social Benefit and Labor’s right.
We found that our services have another name so-called PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Service.

For Expatriates staff assigned from overseas parent company:
If you plan assign expatriates to work in China, when applying resident certificate, expatriates need to show house-rent agreement with house owner.
Therefore, instead using employment outsourcing services,  it is better for you to set up your own China entity.
However, in some scenarios,  like in three cities Shanghai and Beijing and Xiamen where are 100% Evershine-owned subsidiaries located at, it will be still workable although become more complex.
Please send us your requirements by email. We will propose it case by case.

China WFOE Company Registration Services–click here

(WFOE stands for Wholly Foreign Owned Entity)

Our Service Coverage
International Tax Planning
*Company Registration
*Open bank Account
*Work Permit Application
*China Z-Visa Application
*Work Certificate Application
*Residence Permit Application
*Food & Drink Permit and License Application
*Medical Device Business Permit & License Application
*ICP (Internet Content Provider) Permit and License Application
*Other Special Industry Permit and License Application

China Cloud Accounting with Payroll Services–click  here

Sharing of accounting professionals

By using the Cloud Accounting System to provide a collaborative work environment, we act as your in-house accountant role although we are not sitting at your company’s office.
If your company adopts our services, you only need to assign an accountant located at the site of parent company to take care of your subsidiary accounting jobs. You don’t need to hire any local accountant, a cashier, a payroll handler, and IT officer to take care of your subsidiary in other countries.
We also incorporate internet banking function of many famous banks to enable your personnel to review or/and approve for wire payment to suppliers and employees at any time at any location.
Your company will not need to leave the seal (company seal) or/and the stamp (name of representative) to any local staff in order to avoid losing financial control.
In addition, we can make monthly IFRS financial statements within next five working days.
There are three major features of our service:
Fraud-Proof (with internal control), Seamless Collaboration, Hassle-Free (easily implemented).

You do not need to recruit your own local in-house accountant in China

Both of your staff in Parent company and Evershine China staff work together to undertake all accounting functions required by your China WFOE.
Evershine will act as the role of an in-house accountant in your China WFOE.
Evershine services will be supported by Cloud System plus Internet Banking.

Service Scope

Accounting and tax compliance
Cashier and Internet Banking as a maker
Payroll processing and compliance
Provide Cloud Information System to support our services
**Our services are called as Non-audit services in accounting industry.

China Payroll Compliance Services–click here

Service Coverage
* Company Registration of Taiwan and China WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity)
* Work Permit application in Taiwan and China
* Working Visa Application in Taiwan and China
* Local Services for expatriates like airport pick-up, hotel and renting, bank account etc,.
* Online Payroll Management System
* File for listing and delisting of Labor Insurance and Health Insurance
* Gross salary calculation based on fixed and non-fixed salary, Leave and Overtime
* Labor Insurance (Taiwan) Charge paid by the company and employee
* Health Insurance (Taiwan)  Charge paid by the company and employee
* Pension Fund (Taiwan)Charge paid by the company and employee
* Social Insurance (China) Charge paid by the company and employee
* Housing Fund (China) Charge paid by the company and employee
* Withholding Tax
* Gross salary and net-cash salary
* Salary wire transferring services
* Delivering payment slip to each employee
* Accepting query from each employee.
* Monthly salary income and withholding tax report to Tax Bureau (China).
* Annual accumulation salary income and withholding tax report to Tax Bureau (Taiwan).
* Year-end insurance premium certificate (Taiwan)
* Severance pay application
* Semi-annual adjustment of insured caps and LPA caps(Taiwan)
* Adjustment Annual Social Insurance Salary Base (China, The End of March)

Our Online Payroll Management System includes the following modules:
* Online Basic Data collection
* Online Payroll Parameter collection
* Online Leave authorization
* Online Overtime authorization
* Online Payroll Calculation
* Online Proposal authorization
* Online Pay slip
* Online Annual personnel Tax
* Custom tailor made if necessary 
* Salary wire transferring services through local web banking function authorized by three roles including “Maker”, “Reviewer” & “Approver”. Evershine staff would play “Maker” role.

Payroll Compliance Regulations in China
*If you plan to operate in several cities  within China, you can set up only one WFOE  like in Shanghai,Beijing or Shenzhen. Then this only WFOE can take care of payroll compliance in every city of  whole China. That means you do not need to set up  an entity in each city.
*Once an employee is on board, he/she needs to apply for Social Insurance on the 1st day. If an employee wishes to leave the company, he/she must file her removal from social insurance.
*Payroll for each employee includes taxable salary and tax-free salary. Taxable salary must pay withholding income tax with rates varying according to the number of his/her dependents. Income tax withheld by company must be paid to the Tax Bureau before the 15th day of following month.
* Each employee is required to be listed for social insurance and to pay for housing fund. The amount that one needs to pay is based on the average monthly salary in the previous year, multiplied by a given percentage. The figure of the previous year’s monthly salary is to be announced by the Beijing government annually at around the end of March, forming the basis for relevant calculations from April to the following March. Except when an employee bear his/her portion fees, employers have to undertake most of them. Payments shall be made to the Bureau of Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance Council and the Employee Pension Board before the 15th day of the following month.

How do we collaborate with your subsidiary staff to do payroll processing job?

First, your staff will use Online Payroll Management System, designed by Evershine, to provide accurate information
1. Using Evershine system, your employees can fill in salary-related information, such as fixed salary, non-fixed salary, Leave data, Overtime data, “Last year’s average monthly salary”, Bank account information, E-mail Address, etc.
2. If you have your own human resource management system, you can provide us your monthly gross salary file for us to upload them in our salary management system.

Second, we use the Payroll Calculation Module to generate Monthly salary spreadsheet
1. 3 days before payday, in accordance with data files provided by your staff, we use Payroll Calculation Module to generate Monthly salary spreadsheet. It includes:
* Social Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee
* Housing Fund Charge paid by the company and employee
* Withholding Tax
* Gross salary and net-cash salary
2. Monthly salary spreadsheet must be approved by your authorized personnel staff.
3. After approval, file will be uploaded to your assigned bank for direct money wiring to each employee’s bank account.

Third, we present pay slip through different delivery routes in secure ways
1. Individual payslip delivery by email in .pdf format with encryption
2. We also allow each employee to check his/her own pay slip through cloud server.
3. Questions and clarifications are handled by our personnel over the phone.

China Trademark Registration cn4ww–click  here

Our Service Coverage
New Application of Trademark in China
*Renewal Application of Trademark in China
Trademark Registration Flow
*Trademark Search
*Initial Application
*Substantive Examination
*Issuance of Certificate

To apply a trademark in China, in trademark-application procedures, it exists risk that your trademark data being released to a bad-intention firm who will apply it before you deliver your trademark application. Then after one year later, you will find your trademark being rejected and you need to buy back that trademark from the bad-intention firm.
Our Suggested Solution:
We will register your trademark in Taiwan, then use it to apply trademark priority right in China. That will be safer.

Protect your Trademark, Logo, Name, New Design
Service Team members are led by CPA and Patent Attorney

With a wide consumers market and as a production base, China attracts many foreign investors to expand their businesses. However, China is a severely competitive market which brings both opportunities and challenges to the foreign investors.

By virtue of registration of the trademark in China, generally, foreign investors can get legal protection on their products and services in China, allowing their brands to secure sustainable support in China market. Therefore, if your company wants to expand market in People’s Republic of China (abbreviated as China), firstly, you should consider how to protect your trademark and domain Name through registration including new application and continuation application.

Due Diligence for M&A Project cn4ww –click here

In Taiwan and major cities of China, we are focused on providing our featured services to overseas entities of these stock listed parent companies in their own countries. If you have M&A target and you want confirmation on its feasibility, we can cater Due Diligence services. Evershine CPAs Firm is well-experienced in doing these services and has already handled more than 50 Due Diligence cases assigned by global companies.
Among them was a transaction worth 700 million USD.

Service Coverage
*Review Past 3 years financial statements
*5-year financial statement forecast
*EBIDA calculation for your reference
*Tangible Assets Review
*Liability Review
*Share & Loan Capital Structure Review
*Review Intangible Assets
*Tax Risk Evaluation
*Guarantee to bear past tax risk of Target Company, if necessary
*Evaluate Contingent liability on Employee Benefit Plans
*Contingent Liability Evaluation through Execution of Legal Due Diligence procedures
*Feasible and workable Deal Structure Suggestion
*Review IT and Internal Control System
*After-merger Assistance for better control through cloud collaboration in the IT system

Contact us

contact by phone during office hours of Australia time zone:
Australia CA Lily Yan, speak in both English and Chinese
Mobile: +61-457-509-037 office:+61-2-8068-6337
2/172-176 Rowe St Eastwood, NSW 2122, Australia

Additional Information

Evershine Headquarter:
Taipei Evershine CPAs Firm/ Evershine BPO Services Corporation6th Floor, 378 Chang Chun Rd.,Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C.
Near MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station
Principal Partner /General Manager:
Dale C.C. Chen /CPA in Taiwan+China+UK/ MBA+DBA/ Patent Attorney in Taiwan
Mobile: +86-139-1048-6278 in China ;
Mobile:+886-933920199 in Taipei
Wechat ID: evershiinecpa ;Line ID:evershinecpa; skype:daleccchen ;
Linking Address: Dale Chen Linkedin

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Potential Serviceable Cities:

For any other city you wish to visit, please refer to the following two websites,
IAPA Find out Member Firm of IAPA
and LEA Find out Member Firm of LEA
This is the membership of Evershine’s international accounting firm in each city
About 900 member offices, 38,000 people, 450 cities
We can arrange services for your company’s overseas subsidiaries as long as you are in these cities
Please contact us by email at

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